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Finney Hub helps you innovate your business with blockchain, NFTs, crypto-payments, metaverse, tokens.
It's not about Technology, it's about Business!


Your Business Advisor to enter the Crypto Economy

The Crypto Economy is for all types of businesses

The Crypto Economy revolutionises the way value is owned and exchanged digitally. This is changing the business models of all companies, in ALL economic sectors, and not just startups or digital native companies: agribusiness, fashion/textiles, Made in Italy, services, finance, logistics, tourism, insurance, crafts etc..

Blockchain, NFT, cryptocurrencies, metaverse: where to start?

We help you choose between tokens, NFT, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralised finance, smart contracts, metaverse the best solutions to innovate your business. With Finney Hub we start with the business model, and only then move on to the technology choices.

Discover the Crypto Economy before the Crypto Economy discovers you

The transition has already started, it is supersonic, and no one can overlook it. To start now is to lead, to wait is to chase. It takes time to understand the new paradigm and make it assimilate into the corporate structure, you have to start now.

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Winning Best Green Innovation Project at the Blockchain Revolution Summit with Forever Bamboo's MyBambu project
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