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At Finney Hub we have structured a precise path to bring the 'Crypto Economy' into the 'Real Economy'. Our goal is to take your business to the next level through the Crypto Economy.

Our method is based on 4 steps:


Training: Understanding the Crypto Economy

We bring to your company a deep understanding, with a business approach,
of the different use cases of blockchain, tokens, cryptocurrencies, smart
contracts, NFT, digital assets and metaverse to innovate business models.
This is important to create a foundation of understanding that is indispensable
to tackle the next steps together.


Business idea and business model definition

'Do we start with NFTs or traceability?’. (cit.) Every business idea that emerges during the training is discussed and evaluated together. Winning ideas emerge by combining our experience as crypto consultants and your knowledge of your market environment, which we will then realise together. We will then realize together such ideas knowledge of your market environment, which we will then realise together. We will then realize together such ideas.


Feasibility analysis and selection of technology partners

This phase includes the State of the Art analysis (there are thousands of applications and solutions in the crypto world and they are constantly evolving) and the Feasibility Study related to the actual business idea; we bring to the decision-maker all the information to decide whether to give a 'green light' or a 'red light' to the start-up of the project. Finney Hub supports the company on the strategic plan and does NOT provide applications and technological solutions. This is why we are free to search for and propose the most suitable solutions for your project, choosing from ALL those available on the market.


Crypto Innovation Management: if you need it, we develop the project
for you!

During the project implementation phase, we train your internal representatives and provide them with constant support, or we take charge of carrying out your project independently by coordinating your team. Thanks to our global network of contacts in the crypto world, we also develop the best commercial, marketing and strategic partnerships for you.

Our list of services

Finney Hub 4 Enterprises

We help you to innovate your business through the crypto economy


Finney Hub 4 Startups

We help you to turn your idea into a successful business
through the Crypto Economy


Finney Hub 4
Venture Capital / Investor

We help you to assess business plans for
Crypto Economy projects


Finney Hub 4 Incubators/
Accelerators/Innovation Managers

We help you to support
start-ups and new business ideas involving the Crypto Economy