With Finney Hub your business meets the Crypto Economy


A bridge between two realities

FinneyHub is the connection between your traditional business and the world of the Crypto Economy. Two worlds bound to integrate need a communication channel. In Finney Hub you will find a partner who can speak the language of business, not the language of computer codes.

Tailored Solutions

The technology offering in the Crypto Economy is rich in solutions, but not all of them are right for you! Finney Hub helps you to choose the solution that is tailored to your needs, starting from the business analysis, and only after validating together the soundness of the new business model to be adopted.

Business experience matters even in the Crypto Economy!

Finney Hub is a unique team, combining in one company deep knowledge of the Crypto World and 40+ years of experience in the business world, both in traditional and in technology and innovative companies.


Francesco Fiore

Founder & CEO

Always at the frontier of innovation in executive roles. As Founder and CEO of Venetex (until the exit to SardexPay) he understands that the Crypto Economy will change the economy at its roots.

He has been on the Advisory Board of the Faculty of Economics at Cà Foscari. In late 2021 he founded Finney Hub to help companies enter the Crypto Economy.


Sara Morabito


IEngineer, Italian & European Patent Attorney and Intellectual Property Consultant. Partner in Cantaluppi&Associati, Co-founder and co-administrator of Finney Hub.

She combines a passion for intellectual property with a passion for technological innovation.


Ludovico Bianco

Crypto Innovation Manager

Innovation Management graduate with a passion for startups and innovative business models.

He entered the Rabbit Hole of the Crypto Economy at the beginning of the lockdown, and today he combines the two passions as Crypto Innovation Manager at Finney Hub. He is able to connect immediately with any business team.


Davide Rossetto

Crypto Projects Analyst

When he is interested in a topic, he devotes his whole self to knowing every aspect of it.

He loves studying nascent projects and following their developments; he masters all the tools of DeFi to the fullest and always manages to unearth the best solution in the crypto world for client companies.He has a great propensity for customer relations and business development.